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Sat Dec 22, 2018 11:46 pm

Have you ever been interested in leading a gang? Well, this is your chance because the gang moderation is seeking for new potential families to help us build our community. Create a story for your gang and post in the Gangs & Families section so we can check it out!

Once the official slot has been granted the family gets access to the following perks:
- Costum HQ (safe included with no charge)
- Custom OOC channel with a ranking system
- Maximum of 4 family vehicles
- Weapon crates (prices vary due to 3 diffret crate sizes)
- Drugs (Coming soon)
- Graffiti (/graffiti with a spraycan in hand)

NOTE: We do not promise you an official slot if only a thread has been posted. Everything must be done according to our rules & regulations in order to take you into consideration.

- Gang Moderation Managment
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