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1. Respect - Treat everyone with respect, this goes to all players. There isn't any need to be abusive to others which is known as flaming, especially to administrators who volunteer to spend their spare time to help benefit the community assisting you with any appropriate needs you have such as handling /am requests.
It can vary from a verbal warning up to banishment depending on the severity of the issue.

2. Language -This server is an English language based server, it is necessary for you to communicate in English in all forms of chats via both in character and out of character chats. This goes all the way from /w to /pr.
You can say words in other languages, if it fits with roleplay then it can be done.

3. Advertisement - You are not allowed to attempt, or imply for someone to play another server. Posting an IP address or mentioning of a server name can lead to a verbal warning at first but if continued then a ban.
You are subjected to possible banishment from the server if caught doing so.

4. Spamming - You are not allowed to spam in any forms of chats, this includes both general typing and even spamming commands. This is seen as intent to disturb administrators due to admin warnings from spam.
You are subjected to verbal warnings at first, then fines up till a mute from all chats.

5. Death Matching (DM) - Attacking another person without a valid roleplay reason is against the server rules, this also includes provoking someone without a valid reason in order to attack them afterwards.

Whilst we allow roleplay to continue if a defending party fires back, it is not an excuse for trouble makers to go around baiting for a reaction.
You are subjected to admin imprisonment if caught breaching this rule.

6. Power Gaming (PG) - This is forcing actions upon other players, disallowing them to provide a response to your action or role playing an action which is seen as humanely impossible - something which isn't able to be done in real life.
Example -*Quintero grasps onto Jane by her arm, pushing her off the bike.* *Quintero jumps onto the bike.*
The issue with this roleplay was that the individual which roleplayed the actions stated above didn't allow the opposition to respond whether or not he/she succeeded. This is why you must state for in example /do Success or Failure? You may do a roleplay line similar to this or exact if you prefer but it must clearly state whether or not you're able to succeed in completing the action.
Failure to abide by this will subject yourself to be admin prisoned.

7. Meta Gaming (MG) - Meta gaming, it is an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of.
To clarify, it happens when the player uses out of character information for an in character purpose.
Examples -
• Reading someone's nametag, typing it in IC chats without having IC information.
• Adjusting a character's actions based on foreknowledge of the long-term intentions of the gamemaster.
• Gaining knowledge from Out-Of Character (In-Game OOC chats, Skype etc.)
• Using knowledge from a previously played or dead character.
• Typing smileys ";-D :/ ;-)" in IC chat.

In character chats may contain full sentences with words and numbers such as "two" or "2". However, you may not include smiley's, symbols and spamming letters.
Examples -
(American accent) Ethan Gabriel says: hi :D
(American accent) Ethan Gabriel says: ##@
(American accent) Ethan Gabriel says: ssssssssss
You are subjected to verbal warnings, fines and admin jail based on admin discretion.

8. Terrorism - We do not allow any form of terrorist roleplay regardless of any reasons.

9. Revenge Killing (RK) - Revenge Killing is when you've been killed by a player and he finished you off or paramedics did not save you in time with you bleeding out dying then you find the person who killed you and kill him just because he killed you earlier. When you've been finished off by a player or you didn't get saved by the the paramedics, you lose all memory you had from the previous roleplay situation with that player so you don't remember him at all. Once you're out of the hospital you may not return to the area of where the roleplay occurred. Also if you are to be saved by the paramedics it doesn't mean you can go straight back to the scene, realistically you wouldn't arrive and be discharged from hospital within two minutes however you will still remember the previous events.
Caught breaking this rule will result in prison time.

10. Asspull (AP) - Asspulling is where you take out one of the weapons listed below
Code: [Select]
Shotguns: Sawn-off Shotguns, Combat shotgun and Shotgun.
Sub-machine Guns: Tec9, UZI and MP5.
Assault Rifles: AK-47 and M4
Rifles: Sniper & Country Rifle.
Melee/Handheld: Baseball Bat, Cane, Shovel, Chainsaw, Fire Extinguisher, Nitestick & Katana.
.. without role playing it. Whenever you take one of those weapons you must do a roleplay line (action) in either /me or /ame stating that you are taking out the weapon. Make sure that the place you're taking it out from is realistic.

Example: *Quintero reaches for his back, unslinging his AK47 as he'd switch the safety [OFF]*
Caught breaking these rule will result in prison time.

11. Assput (AP) - Assputting is where you put one of the weapons listed above (SEE RULE 10) away without role playing it. When putting away one of those weapons you must do a roleplay line (action) in either /me or /ame stating that you are putting the weapon away. Make sure that the place you're putting it is realistic.

Example: *John switches the safety on his AK47 back on as he'd sling it onto his back.*

Caught breaking this rule will result in prison time.

12. Baiting - There are 3 types of baiting. Cop Baiting, Gang Baiting and Player Baiting.
Cop Baiting is where you as the player is intentionally trying to get the cops to chase you or trying to start a scene for no good reason.
Gang Baiting is where you're trying to provoke players who are in a gang, attempting to start a fight or cause a scene for no good reason.
Player Baiting is where you're walking up to random players, cursing them out and trying to start a fight / scene for no good reason.

Cop Bait: "Fuck you cops, oink oink piggy piggy" - Another example: The player start drifting around the cop vehicle, attempting to make them pursue him.
Gang Bait: "You guys have a shitty gang." Basically just trying to get their attention for no reason.
Player Bait: "Hey, bitch" "Fuck you" "Dumbass"
Caught breaking these rule will result in prison time.

13. Rush Tazing (RT) - Rush Tazing, is where a cop is using his tazer or beanbag shotgun and he uses it to knock someone to the ground while he's having a gun out, pointing it at him and/or shooting. Cops are allowed to taze and bean bag criminals when they aren't pointing guns or shooting at them, as well as when they're running away with a gun out. The cop is allowed to beanbag and/or taze the player even if he is pointing and/or shooting his weapon at other cops as long as he's not in the line of fire. Other then those situations, cops are allowed to use their tazer or beanbag.

Good Examples of Using Beanbag/Tazer:
A guy is running away from the cops with a gun in his hand but not shooting. A cop then beanbags the suspects as he'd then be dazed.
A cop is behind a criminal that is shooting at other players. The cop then tazes the suspect.

Bad Example of Using Beanbag/Tazer:
A player starts shooting at a cop as the cop would then beanbag the player.
Caught breaking this rule will result in prison time.

14. Vehicle Ramming (Car Ramming) - Car Ramming is when a player is ramming his vehicle into other players and vehicles for no good reason. Ramming people with a vehicle can be used in certain role plays but only with a good reason and you'd need to role play your actions.
Caught breaking this rule will result in prison time.

15. Vehicle Surfing (Car Surfing) - Vehicle surfing otherwise known as car surfing is when you sit/stand/crouch anywhere on top of a vehicle whether it's the trunk or hood whilst the vehicle is in use (being driven).

As for trucks like the Yosemite you are able to RP being in the back of these vehicles.

What you can't do is pretend to be in the back seat or RP sitting inside the trunk unless you are kidnapped.

Caught breaking this rule will result in a slap, fine and then admin imprisonment.

16. Vehicle Parking (Car Parking) - Car Parking is the act of a player driving on top of a player, making them stuck under the vehicle, making them lose HP until they die. Unless you role play running over them and making them stuck under the vehicle / the vehicle's wheels you must not do this. As well as if you role play it, you must be careful not to Power Game it. It depends on the vehicle that you are driving that you're attempting to get someone stuck under your vehicle. If there's even enough space to get them under the vehicle and get them stuck. It also depends on if the vehicle is even lifted high enough off the ground to make a person be able to go under it. If you really want to role play trapping someone under your vehicle, make sure to role play it properly and use common sense.
Caught breaking this rule will result in prison time.

17. Ninja Jacking - Ninja jacking is when you remove players from their vehicle without conducting any roleplay throwing them out of the vehicle and checking whether or not the action succeeded.
As punishment you will receive an admin jail if caught ninja jacking players.

18. Chicken Running - This is running in a zig-zag manoeuvre in order to avoid bullets hitting you.
You are subjected to an immediate admin jail if caught doing so.

19. Water Evading - This is when you continuously swim without role playing that you are exhausted. This has nothing to do with evading police through use of water, it is punishable in any roleplay situations.
If it is an active water evading situation you'll be told to stop water evading, if this is not adhered then it'll lead up to an admin jail. If it's the opposite then you are subjected to admin imprisonment.

20. Bunny Hopping - This is when you jump repeatedly in order to travel faster, this is seen as abuse as people travel faster realistically through running rather than jumping.
You may be subjected to verbal warnings, admin slaps in order to get your attention, fines once you fail to adhere the two previous steps and jail if you ignore any of the previous actions taken.

21. Bike Acceleration Abuse - This is rapidly tapping the up key arrow or W key in order to increase the bikes speed.
You may be slapped or verbally warned at first, if this is not adhered then it'll lead to fines or admin imprisonment depending on the situation - case by case scenario.

22. Bike Jumping Abuse - This is when you jump with your bike continuously or perform unrealistic high jumps with your bike to travel faster.
You may be slapped or verbally warned at first, if this is not adhered then it'll lead to fines or admin imprisonment depending on the situation - case by case scenario.
23. Unrealistic Actions (UNRP Conduct) - Unrealistic Actions, commonly known as UNRP Conduct is when you're doing something that is unrealistic, just like the name of the rule states.

Example: you have 10 cops in SWAT armor at the entrance with guns pointed at you, you fire and run through them and hit F to go through the door.
Example: you're in a building and suddenly 6 gang bangers with shotguns stand by the door, you shoot and run past them
Example: You see your buddy getting shot, so you jump off a roof, roll, then pull out your pistol and shoot people

Those are UNRP actions, so while we're not going to call it Rambo anymore, doing things that are UNRP involving gunfights will get you into trouble.

While we are not going to define everything common sense dictates you'd be pretty scared to run through a group of people and shoot.

What is NOT rambo or UNRP is standing up to shoot. Rolling around over and over is NOT RP, but you don't have to take cover to shoot back.

The totality of the circumstances will play into whether you're doing what is right. Ask yourself this, is what I'm about to do something I'd see in real life, or would I see it in a movie. If it's only in a movie, then don't do it.

This rule also includes the act of UNRP Driving. For example, you are driving your vehicle and you swerve from side to side and drive on the wrong side of the road for no reason. There are times where you may do this but you need a good reason.

Caught breaking this rule will result in prison time.

24. UN-RP Jumping - UNRP Jumping, just like UNRP Conduct is when you are driving unrealistically and you for example jump off a high cliff or a bridge and instead of role playing it, you keep driving. Even if you are being chased by cops you must RP the crash after jumping off the high area.
You are being chased by cops and you jump off a high cliff to avoid them and you just drive off instead of role playing the fall.
Caught breaking this rule will result in prison time.

25. UN-RP Crashes - UNRP Crashes, just like UNRP Jumping is when you're driving in an unrealistic manner and you crash your vehicle into for example a building or another vehicle and you don't roleplay it. Even if you are in a car chase you still have to roleplay your crashes.
You are in a car chase with the cops and you crash into a wall but you just keep driving since you're being chased.
Caught breaking this rule will result in prison time.

26. UN-RP Weapon Crafting - UNRP Weapon Crafting is where you craft yourself or another player a weapon without any sort of roleplay.

27. UN-RP Ammunition Crafting - UNRP Ammo Creation is when you are UNRP'ly selling ammo to yourself or another player. You may not RP having more magazines on your body and say that you'll take those and use it. If you want to create more ammo for your weapon, you must RP taking it from a vehicle or your house and this is also included with sawnoffs as you can't just have infinite shells coming out of nowhere.

28. Finishing - When a person is killed they are put into a injured state and either need the Fire Department to come and take them to hospital, for them to bleed out and die or for a player to finish them off. It is against server rules to finish someone off without a valid RP.

You'll also have to include AT LEAST 5 words in your /me for finishing and it MUST include a name, keep in mind the name doesn't class as a word to your finishing so you can't do /me pops two shots into [name] as you only got four words and the name.

Examples of good finishing;
* Ethan_Gabriel peers down at Justin popping two rounds off in to his head.
* Ethan_Gabriel aggressively stamps multiple times on Justin's head.

Examples of bad;
* Ethan_Gabriel slumps Justin.
* Ethan_Gabriel ends Justin.
* Ethan_Gabriel finishes him.
* Ethan_Gabriel ends the man.

The repercussion of breaking this rule is admin jail.

29. Walking Whilst Dead (WWD) - Walking While Dead is when you start running or walking when you're dead. If you had an RP and you were RPly shot in the head and you're dead, of course you're not just going to start running around. You're dead. But depending on the RP situation you may RP crawling around. Keep in mind, before role playing crawling away or role playing grabbing your gun and do a last stance type of roleplay you need to RP your injuries first. You're not superman. Once you've been put to the injured state you need to RP the damage. Once you've completely role played which injuries you've gotten, you may start to RP crawling away or grabbing your gun and shooting the other players who may have downed you. If you do start RP crawling away, do not stand up and start to run away from the scene as fast as possible. If you're crawling it's going to take a long time to go from point A to point B. Use common sense on the speed an actual injured person would be crawling at.
Caught breaking this rule will result in prison time.

30. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - Federal Aviation Administration is when you are in an aircraft and you are flying too low to the ground. When flying an aircraft you must be twice as high up in the sky as the buildings.
Caught breaking this rule will result in either a fine or prison time. Your aircraft may be admin impounded as well.

31. Wall Abusing - This is another case of abusing the graphics set in the original game, you are not allowed to shoot others whilst being against the wall with no means of the oppositions firing back at you - using your crossfire to target the player whilst they aren't able to aim their crossfire back at you.

You are subjected to admin imprisonment if caught doing so.

32. Healing - This is when you are using a means of healing yourself in a RP. Example: You are in a RP and you use pot or sprunk to raise your HP. If you run away from a brawl / shootout and use /firstaid. You are not allowed to return.
This behaviour is not acceptable and you are subject to be jailed or fined depending on the circumstances.

33. False Reports - False reporting is reporting someone for something that they actually have not done. It is against server rules to make a report about someone when a violation of the rules has not taken place.
The repercussions of making a false report is dependent on the circumstances.

34. Scamming - All scamming situations must be kept in character at all times, if at any point it begins to turn into an out of character scam then this is breaching the scamming rules.
There is no scamming limit. You may scam as much money, drugs, weapons, etc. as long as it doesn't turn into a robbery via use of weapons, stealing it from the individual or brawling then taking it.

House Scamming is not allowed.
OOC Scamming is NOT punishable, if you commit to a deal OOCly, deal with the consequences.

Caught breaking the scamming rules will result in an account warning and prison. This may include a fine depending on the situation and the prison time varies depending on how many warnings you've had in the past.

35. Threats (OOC) - It is against server rules to threaten anyone using a OOC chat (/b /am /r etc.). These threats can be made towards players, administrative staff, the server in general. The repercussions of a OOC threat can range from a Fine to being Permanently Banned from the server.

36. Logging to Avoid (LTA) - Logging to avoid, means when the player quits the game to avoid a role-play situation which is basically known as a form of refusing to role-play.
There are two types of logging to avoid:
1. Manually quitting (typing /q)
2. Force crashing (timeout)
If the player did manually quit, depending on the situation he will get:

• 20 minutes admin jail
• Warned and prisoned
If the player's game crashed (timeout) he'd be given 5 minutes time to come back and continue roleplay in order to not get punished.

37. Multi Accounting - Multi-accounting is when you have more than one master account on the server. It is against server rules to posses more than one master account for the server.
Having more than one account can lead to a permanent ban from the server.

To add onto the multi-accounting rule, you are NOT allowed to transfer goods between characters. If found doing this then your stats can be wiped by an admin, this means you start fresh.

38. Bug Abusing - This is when a person identifies a bug and uses it to his/her advantage. All bugs should be reported via the forums or via /am. It is against servers rules to abuse a bug.

The repercussions of breaking this rule will result in jail time.

39. /mask Rule: If you're willing to use /mask then you MUST use a bandana toy as it hides your character face.

For example: John is walking down the street and has a gun out, Michael has just turned the corner and John shoots him immediately.

When someone enters a interior it takes 2-6 seconds to load. In this time you are visible and subject to health and armor damage. It is against server rules to use this load time to your advantage. This is more apparent in cases of robbery's.

The repercussions of breaking this rule will result in jail time.

40. Robbing - All robbing situations must be roleplayed extensively.

You and the player that you are robbing must be at least level 3 or higher.

The cash robbing limit for level 3+ is 5000.

There is no limit on how many drugs you can rob as well as materials and weapons.

To rob banks, you must be level 5 or higher. Keep in mind you don't need an admin to keep an eye on your robbery but you still have to roleplay it. If caught not role-playing the robbery, you will receive an admin prison. There will be random audits for robberies.

See Greenzone rule for more information about locations.

To kill after a robbery, you must be level 5 or higher. Use correct roleplay reasons to kill after robbing.

To rob a government faction member (PD/SD/FD/DOC) you need a Lead Admin's approval with sufficient RP backing.
To rob a Rapid Recovery member, you need General Admin+ approval with sufficient RP backing.
Robbing a civilian faction member is allowed as long as it is roleplayed properly.

Caught breaking the robbing rules will result in prison time.

41. Gruesome Roleplay - Gruesome Roleplay can be defined as a lot of things. A few examples are sexual role-plays like rape, having sex in public areas, sexual harassment. As well as role playing being a cannibal, torture role plays, bestiality, etc. Basically anything that you can think of that would be a gruesome roleplay. Of course, you are allowed to do these kinds of role plays but you would need the other players OOC Consent before the roleplay is started as well as you cannot do it in public. These sorts of role-playing scenarios must be done in a locked house or somewhere in the county, far away from everyone else.

Caught breaking this rule will usually result in a ban but it may vary depending on the situation.

42. Third Party Modifications - Modifications that provide an unfair advantage over another player are strictly forbidden. Use of such files will result in a permanent ban from the server. Think before installing a program or mod, Is that file going to give you an advantage in game? If so do not install it.

A few example of modifications that you may assume are fine to use that provide an unfair advantage would be: Cruise Control, Sensitivity Fix's, Quick reload, Parkour Mods.

Use of any of the above, or violating any of the above will result in a permanent server ban. It is strongly suggested you review and think about everything you install.

43. Money Farming - Money Farming is the act of creating multiple accounts, where you would then pass the money from one of your accounts to the other.

44. Command Abusing - This is when you use a command to get a unfair advantage over other people or when you use a command that makes you do a UNRP action to the situation.

The repercussions of breaking this rule will result in a fine or jail time, depending on the circumstances.

45. Account Sharing - Account Sharing is the act of having two players play on the same account. It is strictly against the rules and is a high risk security issue as we don't know who's playing on our server.
Caught breaking this rule will usually result in a permanent ban but it may vary depending on the situation.

46. VPN Usage - VPN is a platform that helps you changing your IP. Using VPN is bannable and violation that rule will cause in permanent ban.

47. Green Zones - Green zones are specific locations on the map where players are not allowed to commit certain crimes or do anything which is illegal in character, locations those which realistically are covered by CCTV cameras and are monitored by security guards in the area where crimes aren't that common (to keep it fair for everybody this also means government factions are also not allowed to pull weapons either). Inside of greenzones the only crimes that are allowed to happen are fist fights/melee without killing but things such as drug/weapon dealing cannot happen in these highly populated areas. Just because you are slightly outside the border of the greenzone that doesn't mean you can pull your gun, you can still be spotted by CCTV so you should gain a safe distance before starting something. LEO's may pull a tazer if the roleplay needs one. Adding more onto the greenzone rule, just because you are a little outside the area that doesn't mean you get to start shooting, you need to gain a safe distance and then the crimes can be committed.

Fist fight injuries MUST be roleplayed once health of all parties involved drops low to avoid killing in the greenzone.

You must not enter a greenzone to avoid an on-going roleplay that started outside of the greenzone e.g. active shootouts. This is to prevent abusing GZ to avoid partaking in roleplay.

For pursuits that end up in a greenzone by means of car running out of fuel/damaged vehicle, both parties (criminals and cops) must make an effort to get out of the greenzone before continuing unrestricted roleplay.

Green Zones consist a list of locations named below:

- McDonalds.
- City Hall.
- Law Enforcement Headquarters.
- Fire Department stations.
- Hospitals (County Gen, All Saints, Montgomery)
- Los Angeles Bank.
- Rapid Recovery.

48. Death Roleplay - You may not roleplay that your character is dead unless the script says you are dead, you may however continue to roleplay injuries. When the script says you're dead is when you've been head shot or put into the injured state.
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